NICHIYU Reach Truck 1 ton FBR10-80


FBR-80 Series

Outstanding stability and traveling performance contribute to reliable operation.

From the moment you set it in motion, you’ll experience the superior vehicle stability reflecting the further evolution of our advance control linkage. The rear tires provide grip that is exceptional on uneven road surfaces while providing a consistently comfortable ride.

This innovative model incorporates the latest technology for smooth and stable operation – whether accelerating, turning or stopping.



Outstanding stability and traveling performance contribute to reliable operation.


Super Intelligent Control System (SiCOS)

Two CPU’s process the traveling system and hydraulic system independently. Another main CPU manages all other information. The main CPU is connected to the display and handles all operation settings, function settings and indicator settings. The result is comfortable, stress-free operation in a variety of environments.

New Control Linkage


Our new automatic suspension enhances safety in tight turns and during rapid acceleration and braking, locking the caster wheel according to the vehicle status.

Improved vehicle stability in turns and hydraulic operations

Sensors detect the status of the travel and hydraulic operation. Depending on the situation, the automatic suspension can lock the control linkage, thus stabilizing the vehicle in turns and hydraulic operations.

  • In turns : Reduces compression of the rear wheel suspension and lifting of the load wheel, thus reducing tilting of the vehicle.
  • In hydraulic operations : Reduces vehicle tilting to the left and right and forward tilting as a result of lift or reach operations.

Anti-slip control provides smooth operation

This feature automatically limits power when tire slippage is detected during travel. It ensures the optimal driving force is consistently applied to maintain smooth operation.


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